Saturday, January 29, 2011

SystemC Tutorials

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's an SoC

Taken from this blog : Wolfe's Den: Intel Inches Into Its Next Big Market

SoC is a fancy term in the semiconductor world, used to refer to silicon that's customizable in a cost-effective manner. Specifically, a bunch of off-the-shelf blocks of intellectual property (IP) are available and can be plopped onto a silicon die, according to an individual customer's demands. IP blocks refer to functional sections like a CPU, input/output handler, digital signal processor, network interface, etc.

It appears to me that Intel has slightly misappropriated the SoC term in applying it to what they're calling the "Intel SoC processor for cars, Internet phones and smart grid devices" [pdf press release].

These SoC Atoms are really regular, off-the-shelf CPUs. If they were true SoCs, they'd be different for each customer. However, they'd also be prohibitively expensive for most buyers. What Intel has done is to select the most popular functional blocks to create a "custom" part usable by nearly everyone. This is analogous to what Detroit used to do when they stuck a "custom" badge on a mass-produced variant of a popular sedan. The biggie in the Atom is an interconnect intended for easy pairing with a variety of input/output devices, the better to be useful in embedded apps.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Minimal RAR in Ubuntu

RAR is a common file format used for files distributed through the Net. Here's how to install it in Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt-get install rar

Creating an archive:

$ rar a archivename.rar files...

Add as many files & directories as you want.

Creating an archive with password:

$ rar a -ppassword archivename.rar files...

There is no space between -p and the password itself.

To extract, click on the right-mouse-button and use Archive Manager to extract.

Of course, for more advanced uses, refer to the RAR in Ubuntu Manual.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

50 secrets of successful people

There are only 5% successful people in the world. This means that only one person in Twenty really achieves success in life. This is a result of a recent research. Highly successful people are not born that way. They develop certain characteristics and traits which help them to achieve growth and success in life. The growth is slow and steady but these people are not afraid of failure or defeat. They just want to pursue their dreams and attain a position and status in the society. It is not difficult to follow these principles. By following these you will not only be a successful person but also a good human being.
The secret of highly successful people are stated below

Successful people:

1. Look for and find opportunities in places where others can not see.
2. Discover what their real goals and dreams are.
3. Are optimistic or positive thinkers.
4. Have high integrity and speak only the truth.
5. Make detailed action plans for achieving their goals.
6. Never stop in the pursuit of knowledge.
7. Practice patience and persistence in their lives.
8. Stay focused on their priorities.
9. Are creative and imaginative.
10. Have clear communication skills.
11. Seek solutions and do not mourn over problems.
12. Create success for themselves.
13. Do not complain and moan.
14. Do not blame others; rather take responsibility for their actions.
15. Are ambitious and efficient.
16. Are clear about what they want in life.
17. Keep themselves busy.
18. Are life-long learners.
19. Do not believe in chance or luck.
20. Attempt to do the impossible.
21. Are adaptable and ready to accept change.
22. Are physically fit.
23. Are not lazy and lethargic.
24. Set high standards for themselves.
25. Believe in the saying- work while you work, play while you play.
26. Complete what they begin.
27. Practice what they preach
28. Are kind and generous to others.
29. Live life to the fullest.
30. Love to face challenges.
31. Have value for time.
32. Respect their seniors and elders.
33. Care for others.
34. Are reliable and trustworthy.
35. Are humble and submissive in nature.
36. Live within a budget.
37. Get out of bed early.
38. Meditate.
39. Pray regularly.
40. Make reading a habit.
41. Do not procrastinate.
42. Realize the importance of a mentor or coach.
43. Develop an effective network.
44. Can balance both home and work.
45. Know when to take smart risks.
46. Understand the politics of the organization.
47. Give out positive energy to those around them.
48. Laugh it out.
49. Are well organized.
50. Love and value themselves.